HAND TOWELS: the most popular gift during Covid 19

With Covid 19 on the rise, everyone needs to wash their hands and everyone needs a towel to wipe dry. Hand towels are a perfect giveaway to make everyone safe and happy!!!

Hand Towel




Exhibitions or trade fairs can be excellent places to hand out promotional gifts. The fact is, however, that planning for these events can often be far more challenging than planning for a standard promotional gift campaign would be.

Why is it so challenging

There are several different factors that can make planning Promotional Gift campaigns that work in an exhibition setting much more of a challenge.You need to consider a number of different factors that you would not need to think about if you were simply handing out items to customers either as a thank you for sales or as a part of cold calling.

Numbers alone can be problematic

The first factor is that you may need a larger number of promotional gifts if you are handing them out at a trade show or exhibition. These events are often well attended and you want to make sure that you have a large enough stock of items.This can mean that due to budgetary constraints, you will need to think carefully about the cost of the items you will beb handing out.

You also do not want to appear cheap by handing out poorly made items or items that do not have anything to do with your company. While it is possible to get past these issues it may mean that you will need to do much more research in order to come up with suitable gift choices.

A wide range of tastes can be difficult to contend with

Because there is a wider range of people attending an exhibition or trade show it may seem challenging to pick an item that will be more universally appealing. You may be trying to draw new customers in by handing out gifts but if you give trade show attendees items they do not want there is a good choice that they will simply be discarded. This means that you may not end up with a good return on the cost of ordering the gift items in the first place.

Time frames can be an issue

Time frames can be an issue especially if you want to become involved with an exhibition or trade show on very short notice.


As a promotional item these bespoke umbrellas are an excellent choice; they make a great Business Promotional gifts as they are likely to be used extensively by their recipients.

Umbrellas make a great large advertising platform for your Business, everyone needs an umbrella at some stage, and whether it’s playing golf, going to your child’s local football match or nipping into the shops, if it’s raining why get wet?

They will be used over and over again so your brand will be exposed again and again; this is why they are probably one of the simplest yet most effective promotional products you can give to your customers.

We can custom design an umbrella with your colours and logos etc:


30-32” double layer umbrellas

75cm full size storm proof golf umbrellas with a specially vented canopy for greater wind resistance.

Full fibreglass frame covered in 190T nylon fabric, comes standard with a rubber golf style grip handle.

All of these customisable sport umbrellas are available with a choice of frame,

fabric and component colours available including reds, blues, greens and grays


Why your Company Needs Lanyards .

Lanyards are practically everywhere. From the smallest company in a local town up to the big shots in the metropolitan area, everyone is taking advantage of lanyards for promoting and maintaining a wealthy business

Besides companies, multiple other type of organizations like schools, churches, hospitals, etc, use lanyards on a daily basis. It is pretty clear that lanyards are not only for display purposes and their contribution to your business are unmatched, when we think how much utility their offer for the money.

Their production process is short and they can be shipped anywhere within days.

So what kind of lanyard does your business need?


Oftentimes we don’t realize how much plastic we use and dispose of in our daily lives, not knowing how much we contribute to polluting the environment. Thankfully, there is increased awareness for the use of green bags, which are also known as reusable shopping bags. Green bags are the answer to the plastic bags we use every day, which we can use several times over.

Why we should start using green bags Instead of plastic bags?

Plastic bags are extremely harmful to the environment, because they take millions of years to decompose. This leaves them sitting around in landfills and trash disposals, and sometimes people have to resort to getting rid of this trash by burning it, therefore emitting toxins into the ozone.

The production of plastic bags involves carbon dioxide, which is one of the major toxic chemicals that destroy our ozone.

The production of plastic bags also involves the use of large amounts of oil and gas, which can be used in other beneficial means such as cooking and heating.

Unlike green bags, plastic bags are harmful to the environment when it comes to production and are very weak products when it comes to carrying goods, just one or two times’ use and they are ready to break.

Plastic bags, unlike green bags, are also very detrimental to the environment. Research has shown that thousands of marine mammals die every year because careless people toss their plastic bags where it ends up in the ocean, consumed by fish, which will cause them death.

Here are the other benefits of using green bags:

Green bags come in a variety of designs and sizes, and can also come in very fashionable designs. These are the bags we should take with us whenever we do the groceries or shopping, to avoid the careless building up of plastics in our home.

They are much better because they are made of various materials such as canvas, fibers, and other strong types of fabric that allow them to be used many times over.

The next time you’re at the grocery, don’t be fooled into thinking that using their available paper bags instead of plastic would be a better alternative. Green bags are still better, because paper bags have their own set of environmental problems. Thousands of trees need to be cut down in order to produce paper bags, which are also sometimes known as brown bags.

It’s easy to keep them at home in store with your other clothing goods. They are strong and durable so we do not litter or throw them away, where they can potentially end up in landfills or consumed by animals.

Green bags are very easy to find, and are also very affordable. If you are also buying a lot, think of the hassle that you have to go through carrying several different shopping bags when you can only be carrying one or two efficient green bags.


If your company is on the look out for an excellent advertising tool, the promotional pens will turn out to be a perfect option The foremost concern of every business owner is the rightful implementation of business branding and advertising. It is a very crucial task since you cannot build a client list without your prospects knowing what you offer.

When considering promotional pens for your #business #promotion objective, it is better to go for a reputed company that provides outstanding services with top quality products. Contact us the Promotion specialists for all your Promotional Pens needs here:

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